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    Tomato Sauce Packing Machine

    Tomato Sauce Packing Machine Description:
    Tomato sauce packing machine is suitable for filling of tomato sauce,soy sauce,favoring,oil and etc.One machine is adjustable for different bottle size. Tomato sauce filling equipment uses PLC and frequency converter control,which makes the process automatic.The dynamical system adopts drive shaft,which can work stably.The method of negative gravity can improve the accuracy of filling.Advanced automatic lubrication system without manual oiling make the machine have longer service life. Tomato sauce filling equipment has little noise and can be repaired easily. King Machine is a Manufacturer and Supplier in China,and specialized in providing you with tomato sauce packing machine,sauce filling machine and so on.


    Characteristics of Tomato Sauce Packing Machine:
    1. This model tomato sauce packing machine,simple and reasonable in design, highly accurate and easily operated, is a product upgraded and innovated by introducing foreign advanced filling machine technology.
    2.This tomato sauce packing machine is automatic liquid filling machine.
    3. With German FESTO and Taiwan’s AirTac pneumatic pneumatic elements adopted, it is reasonable and compact in design, and easy in operation.


    4. The parts contact with materials are used 316L stainless steel material, meet the GMP requirements.
    5. Filling volume and speed adjustable. Filling accuracy high.
    6. Filling bulkhead is leakage-and wire-drawing-proof and a lifting filling device provided.

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