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    The Technical Characteristics of Autometic Oil Filling Machine

    Input Bottle Unit
    Autometic Oil filling Machine?adopts air conveyor for bottle inlet, divide bottles by the separate bottle device,transimit bottles by the star wheel bottle-clip clamping the bottle neck, send bottles out by conveyor chain.
    Washing bottle part
    The unit is composed of water distribution valve, clip, main revolving tray, guide rail, carousel, and deforsting pan.

    Water clip is traversed according to the rotor plate, open the bottle mouth clip by the elastic distortion when connects the take-in bottle star wheel, clamps the filling bottleneck, traverse in 180°along with the guide rail, wash bottles using clean water that bottle mouth is down, then traverses in 180°,bottles are sent out by the output bottle star wheel; Protective covering can avoid the water spilling. Water distribution valve carry the washing water to the revolving clip by the still parts. The special design of the water spout make spray water show the umbrella scatter shape and make the filling bottles are cleaned completely, so as to reach the sanitation standard.
    Filling unit
    The filling unit is composed of circle cylinder, filling valve, centring device, revolution bearer, cam guide rail, take-in liquid divider, liquid pipeline, stock bottle pan, return-flow liquid cylinder. If you see the structure.

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