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    Peanut butter filling machine

    peanut butter filling machine

    Peanut butter filling machine was designed by our company to cater to the requirement of the market.This peanut butter filling machine use positive displacement piston pump to do accurate filling.This machine is suitable for viscous liquid,like sesame sauce,tomato sauce,peanut butter,jam,seafood sauce,seasoning sauce,honey,paste and so on.When the peanut butter filling machine connected to the washing machine,tunnel sterilizing,labeling machine and packing machine,they are the complete peanut butter filling line.
    1.All the contact sites are made by stainless steel, according to GMP.
    2.Easy to separate and clean.
    3.Adjustable filling volume ,filling speed and different kind of bottles.
    4.Leak-proof device avoid wiredrawing and leak.

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