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    Granular Hot & Spicy Sauce Filling Machine

    granular hot & spicy sauce filling machine

    Granular hot & spicy sauce filling machine was designed by our company to cater to the requirement of the market.This granular sauce filling machine use unique technology and keeps the granule together with oil.The sauce is uniform and mixed well after filling.Filling Capacity is precisely controlled by gravity sensor.This granular sauce filling machine has great durability, heatproof and acid-base resistance.It is suitable for hot sauce,peanut butter,seasoning sauce,creamy and granule.The granular hot &spicy sauce filling line consists of granular sauce filling machine ,washing machine,tunnel sterilizing,labeling machine and packing machine,and meet the GMP standard.

    1.Granular Hot & Spicy Sauce Filling Machine suitable bottle size:20~1000g
    3.Ration error:≤±2%
    4.Power:380/220V 50/60Hz ≤5Kw
    6.Speed control: frequency variation
    7.Noise degree:≤50dB
    9.Overall size:2440×1200×1800(mm)

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