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    Filling machine news
    • advantages-of-new-filling-machine-011
      Advantages of New Filling Machine

      Advantages of New Filling Machine: 1,The height of the air conveyor can be adjust now,?it’s more easier to change bottle spare parts. Old: ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?……

    • debug-machine-in-coate-divoire-05
      Debug Machine in Coate d’Ivoire

      Date: November 18th - 25th Country: Coate d'Ivoire Equipment name: Water Treatment Plants Output: 8T/H Sales man: Kenny Here are some photos during the debuging: Our customers are very satisfied with our Water Treatmen……

    • Take Care of the Filling Machines’ Packing and Delivery

      Since the beverage Filling Machines are bulk cargo delivery, and take long time from King Machine factory to customers country. We will test the machines and take photos for customers before delivery, ?then we will ship the machines out w……

    • straight-line-filling-machine
      Straight Line Filling Machine Convention in Dubai

      During the convention in Dubai,our salesman visited a local water plant which bought a 24 lines straight line filling machine in 2015 and its output was at around 13000 bottles per hour. The customer is satisfied to use our King Machine w……

    • Introduction-to-Plastic-Bottle-Straight-Line-Filling-Machine
      Introduction to Plastic Bottle Straight Line Filling Machine

      Plastic Bottle Straight Line Filling Machine is specially designed for oil filling , with type SNYG-12,SNYG-10,SNYG-8,SNYG-6,SNYG-4. It performs well in filling viscous liquid and corrosive liquid. Plastic Bottle Straight Line Filling Mac……

    • Russian Customers

      After three days' strict inspection, finally we got Ukraine customer's full satisfication           Kingmachine is ?a professional supplier and manufacturer of filling mac……

    • King Machine Engineer’s Debugging Machine Was Published in The Bulgaria Local Newspaper

      Beer Filling Machine for Aluminum Can     Beer Filling Machine for Aluminum Can?Live Video

    • Three Filling Machine Delivery

      Oil Filling Machine And Vacuum Capping Machine       Semi-automatic Decapper And Brushing Machine           Automatic Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine

    • Indonesia Automatic Rotary Paste Babeling Machine Delivery

      Country: Indonesia Equipment: automatic rotary paste labeling machine Automatic Rotary Paste Labeling Machine?Yield: 5000BPH Automatic Rotary Paste Labeling Machine?Sales: Edison  

    • Uzbekistan Water Filling Machine Delivery

      Country: Uzbekistan Equipment: Water?filling machine Water filling line production: 12 tons Sales: Andi        

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