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    Bottle Washing Machine

    Bottle Washing Machine?Features

    1.Fast bottle washing speed

    The bottle washing speed of this machine gets to 2000-8000 b/h, which can save more time and labor

    2.High working efficiency

    Bottle Washing Machine uses the frequency conversion speed regulation, and you can adjust speed according to the production scheduling at any time.

    3.Less water consumption

    Bottle washing equipment has the flushing channel, which can save water.

    4.Rinsing thoroughly

    The time of washing and empting bottles is tightly controlled by shunt valve. The bottle is rinsed thoroughly, and there is no water after empting bottle.

    5.Simple operation

    Bottle washing equipment?fully automatic, and easy to regulate if any need.

    6.Large range of application

    Bottle Washing Machine?suitable for a majority of regular bottles e×cept for some special shaped bottles.

    7.High quality clamp

    The high quality clamp ensures safe working and long time usage.

    8.There is limited stoppers/restrainers on each part, and it can protect the machine whenever the machine stopps by failure.

    Bottle Washing Machine

    Product Parameter of?bottle washing

    Model Technical Parameter
    Filling Heads Output Main Motor Power Lifting Motor Power Bottle Height Bottle Dia. Water Consumption Dimension
    pcs b/h kw kw mm mm m3/h mm
    ZPC-12 12 2000 1.2 0.37 140-360 ≤100 0.5 1400×1200×1800
    ZPC -16 16 3000 1.5 0.37 0.7 1550×1430×1900
    ZPC-18 18 5000 1.5 0.45 1.1 1650×1800×1900
    ZPC -30 30 8000 2 0.5 2.1 2200×2000×210


    Bottle Washing Equipment

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